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📚 Don’t miss our Back to School SALE – ending soon! 🎒 Stock up on scrubs at unbeatable prices.

Explore our best-selling IRG scrubs, known for their durability, comfort, and diverse styles in a wide range of sizes and colors for both women and men. If you’re after premium quality and modern design, check out Zavate scrubs with 15% off – they offer vibrant colors and a flattering fit. And for those chilly days ahead, don’t forget to snag Bestee undershirts at a 20% discount, a fall and winter must-have.

This Back to School SALE is wrapping up soon, just like summer vacation. So, make sure you’ve got enough scrubs to breeze through the school year. Your chance to save ends when September does. 🍂 Shop now, and embrace the upcoming school year in style and comfort!

Back to School Sale

🌊 Introducing the newest shade from Zavate, Sea Foam – a hue that captures the mesmerizing beauty of ocean waves. As summer draws to a close, embrace the brilliance of this enchanting color, reminiscent of the frothy sea foam along the shore.

Experience the tranquility and refreshment as you slip into our tuck-in top and jogger pant, designed in this serene hue. Crafted with stretchy, ultra-soft fabric, these pieces are not just stylish but also wrinkle-resistant and easy-care, making your end-of-summer moments effortlessly comfortable.”

Plus, for a limited time, enjoy 15% off Zavate scrubs in our store – the perfect opportunity to dive into the soothing Sea Foam collection!” 🐚✨

Introducing the Zavate Sea Foam Collection

🕹️ Travel back in time with our latest addition – the Arcade Dreams print top by Barco.

A retro marvel that captures the essence of old-school arcade games, this black top is adorned with an intricate web of blue, orange, and purple lines that crisscross with a sense of dynamic energy.

Reminiscent of the flickering lights that adorned classic arcades, this print has a nostalgic charm that’s both visually captivating and timelessly stylish.

Arcade dreams Barco

🪴 Introducing the serene and earthy color, Fern. This captivating shade sets the tone for a fresh and modern workwear aesthetic.

The Fern color, a splendid addition to the Grey’s Anatomy collection, strikes a harmonious balance between nature-inspired vibrancy and professional subtlety. With its heightened saturation and gentle green undertones, Fern has a refreshing liveliness that sets it apart from the understated Olive. This color captures a sense of tranquility while infusing a hint of invigorating energy, making it a perfect choice for the workplace.

Visit us at the Carlingwood Shopping Centre and discover a range of options in this earthy shade!

Greys Anatomy Evolve

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