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Refer a Friend Program

How Does It Work?

It’s simple: Share the love, share the savings!

1. Refer a Friend: Know a friend or colleague who could use some new scrubs? Tell them about Scrubs For Them!

2. Give & Get: When your friend makes their first purchase of $100 or more, they’ll get $10 off, and you’ll receive $10 in points (200 points) as a thank you.

3. Keep Sharing: Refer up to three friends and potentially earn up to $30 in points!

Ready to Get Started?

Begin by sharing your experiences with Scrubs For Them with your friends. When they’re ready to make their purchase, remind them to drop your full name or phone number at checkout to ensure you both enjoy the benefits. Please click below for full details.

Specials Of The Month

💼 Everyday Essentials Sale! Enjoy 20% off IRG EDGE scrubs. Our ‘Everyday Basic’ collection offers cotton-like texture, durability, and timeless reliability!

Regular priced items only. Special orders included.

20% Off IRG Edge

🔆 Brighten Up Your Summer! Enjoy 20% off Zavate Bright Vibes! Dive into a rainbow of summery colours and vibrant tie-dye patterns. 🌈 Add a splash of colour to your workday and embrace the summer vibes!

Regular priced items in store only.

20% Off Zavate Brights

☀️ June Sales Alert! Get ready for summer with 15% off Healing Hands scrubs! Renowned for their durability and satin-like smooth fabric, these scrubs offer a refreshing coolness perfect for the warmer days! 🧊

Regular priced items only. Special orders included.

15% Off Healing Hands scrubs

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