Our Core Values … 

The customer ALWAYS comes first. OUTSTANDING customer service. INTEGRITY and HONESTY. Offering the HIGHEST quality apparel. Taking pride in EVERYTHING we do. PASSION for selling professional wear. GIVING back to our community.

Our Mission … 

Scrubs For Them sells the highest quality professional apparel, shoes and related accessories in a clean, bright boutique environment. We are here to help hardworking medical, restaurant and beauty professionals look and feel great and be comfortable at work. We pride ourselves on our outstanding warm customer service; for us, our customers are family and always come first. We are committed to integrity, honesty and quality in all aspects of our business. We offer a wide selection of apparel that will fit your body type whether you are tall or short, XXS to 5XL. Giving back to the community is also one of our passions and we hope that our customers and staff embrace our efforts to make the world a better place.

Our Vision … 

Scrubs For Them’s vision is to become Canada’s Premier healthcare uniform and professional apparel retailer. Our goal is to continuously improve our customers shopping experience and to ensure that they feel professional, comfortable and attractive while hard at work. This is reflected in our tagline- “It’s WEAR you want to buy!” We will continue to provide only the highest-quality apparel in an environment where customers always come first and where service is our top priority. Our store was founded after our daughter and her friends went scrub shopping. She came home disappointed in the selection and quality of the shopping experience. She suggested we open a store that would offer quality products in an environment suitable for professionals and that had extraordinary customer service, so we did. Scrubs For Them was opened in 2010 and since then we have doubled in size and continue to grow thanks to our high-quality apparel and key focus on integrity and honesty when dealing with our valuable and loyal customers. Our company will continue to invest in both employees and infrastructure to ensure that Scrubs For Them is the premier place to shop for healthcare uniforms and professional apparel.

Scrubs For Them – Carlingwood


We collect and donate gently used scrubs to Not Just Tourists throughout the year. Every July, you can Trade IN your used scrubs and we give you $5.00 off new scrubs! We offer many discounts to students, schools, hospitals and corporate clients.

We support the CHEO telethon yearly… the day of the telethon we donate half of all sales. We believe in giving back… Please join us as we kick off next year to an excellent success as well! See below for our past years’ totals.

Cheo Telethon

Over 10 years for CHEO!

We donated – Past CHEO telethon raises:

  • $1500 in 2022 – $11.8M
  • $1000 in 2021 – $10.9M
  • $1000 in 2020 – $7.4M
  • $600 in 2019 – 9.7M
  • $1050 in 2018 – 10.6M
  • $1425 in 2017 – 8.72M
  • $1250 in 2016 –  8.0M
  • $1000 in 2015 –  7.98M
  • $525 in 2014 –  7.12M
  • $1120 in 2013 – 6.85M
  • $1250 in 2012 – 6.44M
  • $1100 in 2011 – 6.33M
  • $1000 in 2010 – 6.25M
Barco Platinum Retailer

Scrubs For Them is now a BARCO PLATINUM RETAILER.

Platinum Barco Retailers (PBR) represent the highest level of Barco’s brand standards for selection, service and overall customer experience. It’s our way of letting you know that these retail stores will offer you the very best in-store experience possible while shopping for your favorite Barco scrubs. – Barco Uniforms

Thank you to our wonderful Barco customers for supporting the Brand and our store.

Peek inside the Scrubs For Them Store!