A beautiful new Barco reno came into the store by Aaron and Beau from LA. It is outstanding!


Barco Reno Special! — 15% off all Barco One Wellness until Aug 30th!


Scrubs For Them is now a BARCO PLATINUM RETAILER. Thank you so much to Aaron and Beau that came out to help transform our store. Thank you to the Barco Family for sending them. Thank you to the SFT team for working so hard getting all the new product ready. Thank you to our wonderful Barco customers for supporting the Brand and our store.

Platinum Barco Retailers (PBR) represent the highest level of Barco’s brand standards for selection, service and overall customer experience. It’s our way of letting you know that these retail stores will offer you the very best in-store experience possible while shopping for your favorite Barco scrubs. – Barco Uniforms